Our Ethos

Revolugo envisions a company in which team member can access and enjoy a unique workplace that let them achieve their goals, improve their skills and leave an impact on the future of the event industry. We are people that believe in people, trust, work and fun.

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B2B meetings will remain essential for any company, to keep growing and nurturing close relationship with its market.

Business professionals should be excited about attending a fair.Exhibiting their latest product. Meeting up with key industry players. They better get prepared before it starts. Too often, planning a trip to a fair is a struggle against a broad and unselected hotels deals, long distance flights, with an amount of stress before, as they have to get their booths done.

That’s why we are building a new way for teams to plan, book, and enjoy a nice downtime in transportations and hotels. So the only focus becomes the show and the meetings scheduled. Travel and accommodation are just the beginning.

We’re creating a seamless travel experience for attendees. Because we believe when you only focus on one thing, you make the most of it.

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Building long-term relationship with event organizers. Their success is ours. Communicating transparently with clients, partners, vendors and teams. Playing as a team with every stakeholders. Wearing our true colors.


Suporting innovation throughout the company. Understanding people as our greatest assets. Remaining inclusive and open. Always.

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Paying attention to every detail. Improving our customer support emails after emails, calls after calls to provide the best traveler care. Creating outstanding experience for any event organizer.