When walking down the streets of the Canal-side city, you immediately feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere. From its rich cultural heritage, artistic history, and lovely boutiques, Amsterdam is a hub for tourists coming from all around the world. Perfectly located near France, Belgium, the UK and Germany, this is a perfect stop for European tour.

You can enjoy the Anne Franck and Van Gogh museums, hang out toward the Red quarter, stop at a coffee-shop and taste some of their legendary cakes. In order to make the most of the city, it's highly recommended to rent a bike once there, as most people use it to go from one place to another.

Amsterdam is also attracting more and more business travelers, and professionals, with its large RAI Convention Center. Amsterdam has all a city can offer to accommodate those guests, with more than 13 000 hotel rooms available in more than 430 hotels.

List of venues in Amsterdam